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Joined several national 863 Hydrogen and aerospace project



Together with the Automotive Department of Shanghai Tongji University, we have undertaken the National 863 Project - "National 863 Electric Vehicle Major Project in the 10th Five Year Plan" and "Research and Development of High Pressure Hydrogen Filling Station and Hydrogen Supply Technology for Fuel Cell Vehicle Mobile Hydrogenation Station" in Shanghai. The project was completed in June 2005 and was put into operation on October 19, 2007 It has been accepted by the National 863 Project Team of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and provided high-purity hydrogen for the hydrogen filling station in Anting of Shanghai for the demonstration project of Shanghai fuel cell. The successful development of the device creates the first set of membrane + PSA combined process in China to extract high-purity hydrogen from six industrial hydrogen gas sources.



Jointly applied with the School of Chemical Engineering of South China University of Technology for the National 863 Project of "Research and Development of a New Type of Fluidized Bed Palladium Membrane High Purity Hydrogen Production Equipment", which was completed at the end of August 2009. The technology uses 25 micron palladium membrane, which is the world's leading technology.



Cooperated with Tsinghua University and Tsinghua Tongfang for the design, manufacture and operation of hydrogen refueling station for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The core content of the project is 50Nm3/h natural gas steam reforming to hydrogen production. The project has passed the acceptance of Party A on August 6, 2008, and the National 863 project team of the Ministry of Science and Technology on January22, 2009, and is an exhibition during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games The project is the smallest natural gas hydrogen production project in China, and it is also the project with the highest technical difficulty. The commissioning of the project marks that China's natural gas reforming hydrogen production technology is at the international leading level.



Cooperated with Shanghai Tongji University (Shanghai Shunhua New Energy System Co., Ltd.) "280Nm3/h PSA Hydrogen Purification Device" is a project of Shanghai World Expo 2010.


Cooperated with Dalian Chemical Institute of China Academy of Sciences under the contract for the separation of 100Nm3/h hydrogen from natural gas adiabatic conversion synthesis gas and metal palladium membrane. The project is a national 863 key topic for the first time undertaken by Party A: "foam silicon carbide based structural catalyst, natural gas adiabatic conversion to synthetic gas pilot" and the National 863 target oriented project "natural gas and liquid gas on-site hydrogen production technology" sponsored by BP company, which is the most advanced hydrogen production technology of natural gas autothermal reforming in China.



Cooperated with Shanghai University under the general contract of 30Nm3/h coke oven gas hydrogen production pilot plant, Project No. 2006aa030201. It is a national 863 key project "partial conversion of coke oven gas to syngas or hydrogen production", providing hydrogen for hydrogen battery vehicle hydrogenation station of Shanghai World Expo 2010.



Cooperated with Bluestar (Xichang) Aerospace Chemical Co., Ltd. to provide a set of 600Nm3/h methanol hydrogen production unit, which was officially accepted and put into operation in January 2013, providing low-temperature liquid hydrogen for Chang'e-2 and Chang'e-3 of Xichang Satellite Launch Center.


Cooperated with Bluestar (Hainan) Aerospace Chemical Co., Ltd. to provide a set of 1500Nm3/h methanol hydrogen production unit to provide low-temperature liquid hydrogen for Hainan Satellite Launch Center.



Cooperated with Beijing Aerospace Experimental Technology Research Institute (101 Institute) to provide a set of 800Nm3/h methanol hydrogen production unit to provide low-temperature liquid hydrogen for Beijing Aerospace Test Technology Institute and fuel for China's northern satellite launch site.

Standard Setting

The company's main technical personnel prepared one national standard, participated in the preparation of seven national standards and one international standard

• Technical Requirements for PSA Hydrogen Purification System (GB / T 19773-2005, CO-editor: Wu Sujuan)

• Technical Specification for Hydrogen Refueling Station (GB 50516-2010, CO editor: Wang Yeqin)

• Technical Code for Safety of Hydrogen Refueling Station (GB / T 34584-2017 co editor: Wang Yeqin)

• Basic Requirements for Hydrogen System Safety (ISO / TR 15916-2004, CO editor: Wang Yeqin)

• PSA adsorber for Hydrogen Purification (GB / T 29412-2012, CO editor: Gao Jianhua)

• PSA Hydrogen Purification System (ISO / tc17971, CO editor: Wang Yeqin)

• Technical Requirements for PSA Hydrogen Production System of Methanol Reforming (GB / T 34540-2017, drafters: Wang Yeqin, Ye Genyin, Yan Yan, He Qingbao, etc.)

• Fuel Hydrogen for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Vehicles (GB / T 37244-2018, CO-editor: Wang Yeqin)

• Participating group standard, the T/CECA-G 0015-2017, Proton Exchange membrane Fuel Cell Vehicle Fuel Hydrogen, was released.

Technological Breakthroughs

Prominent Projects and Technological Breakthroughs

The first set of natural gas reforming for hydrogen production and filling integrated station---- Guangdong Foshan Nanzhuang hydrogen production and filling integrated station

The first set of small-scale Integrated hydrogen production station via natural gas reforming exported to Plug-Power in the United States

Small-scale methanol hydrogen generator with capacity of 5Nm3/h that can be directly connected to the fuel cell

The development and application of large-scale monomer Methanol reforming furnace, the production capacity of each reformer has exceeded 20,000 Nm3/h hydrogen

Large-scale methanol hydrogen production unit with hydrogen production capacity of 60,000Nm3/h

Large-scale EPC project of 40,000 Nm3/h hydrogen production unit via methanol.

The first set of methanol catalytic combustion autothermal reforming hydrogen production unit

The first set of natural gas autothermal reforming ATR + palladium membrane hydrogen production unit

The first hydrogen refueling station—Shanghai Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station Hydrogen Purification Project

Hydrogen Refueling Station Project for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Hydrogen Refueling Station Project of 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Hydrogen Station for Xichang and Hainan Satellite Launch Center

Beijing Aerospace Test Technology Research Institute (Beijing 101 Institute) 

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