Our Compensation and Benefits

People with professional experience and chemical machinery skills will get excellent employment opportunities, such as process engineers and R & D engineers, instrument engineers, field service engineers, etc

Salary or project bonus for 13-15 months a year

Five insurances and one fund

Paid annual leave

Lunch + performance bonus + transportation subsidy + family day activities


Supplementary commercial insurance

Vocational training

Commercial physical examination

Residence registration and file migration

Other benefits

Gather talents from all over the world to create the better future.

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Field engineer

1 year experience




1. Gender: male, 25-35 years old; major: Chemical Engineering, automatic control, college degree or above. 

2. Experience in chemical engineering installation, instrument debugging and other related work experience is preferred

3. Certain communication and coordination ability; can promote the company's products and business;

4. Adaptable to long-term business trip.

Job responsibilities:

1. Management, coordination and organization of on-site technical services and engineering implementation principles of the company's products;

2. Actively complete the relevant work in the process of project implementation, and put forward reasonable suggestions on issues in the work;

3. Maintain the good relationship between the company and clients;

4. Can do other work arranged by company leaders;


R & D Engineer

2 years experience




1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. Majored in chemical engineering and technology, industrial catalyst, metal materials, inorganic salt and other related majors;

3. Relevant working experience is preferred.

Job responsibilities:

1. Technology development .


Process engineer

2 years experience




1. Majored in chemical engineering and technology, more than 2 years design experience

2. Experience in design institute is preferred.

2. Familiar with basic unit operation and site commissioning experience

3. Familiar with AutoCAD, Aspen and other related software

4. Good knowledge of chemical engineering English, familiar with chemical industry design standards and specifications;

5. Strong communication and coordination skills and team spirit;

Job responsibilities:

1. Proofreading, calculation, layout and other design work:

2. Can do other work arranged by leaders;


Marketing Engineer

2 years experience




1. Major in chemical engineering and technology, chemical machinery, process control and marketing;

2. More than 2 years related working experience;

3. Have certain sales skills and basic industry knowledge;

4. Strong language expression ability, product marketing ability, cheerful personality;

5. Good team spirit, able to handle pressure,difficulties and hard work, can adapt to frequent business trip;

6. Identify with the company's corporate culture, have good communication skills, affinity and coordination ability, self-motivated, conscientious and practical;

Job responsibilities:

1. Participate in visiting new and old customers and maintain daily relationship with customers

2. Organize bidding materials and participate in bidding and negotiation process;

3. Participate in market research and complete basic market analysis;


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