[Public Welfare Activities] - A Warm and Loving Trip to the Primary Schools in Big Mountains

Daliangshan Mountains in Western Sichuan, towering for hundreds of miles, has witnessed the "Yi-hai Alliance" between Yi leader Xiaoyedan and the Red Army Marshal Liu Bocheng. Inspired by the red spirit, on June 10, the representatives of the Ally Hi-Tech team went to Puge County primary schools to participate in the study material donation activity, talked to the students about the utilization and development of hydrogen energy, and encouraged them to study hard, love and build our green home together.

There are such a group of kids

There is such a group of kids in Puge County, Liangshan Prefecture. They live in the mountains and work hard to learn new knowledge. We bought some school supplies and books to bring care and warmth to them. Through friendly exchanges, we encouraged them to paint their lives with the light of hope by virtue of their tenacious faith and vision for beauty.

Speech by Leaders of Ally Hi-Tech

Today, it's a great honor to lead the team of Ally Hi-Tech to the school, and on behalf of Ally Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., to donate our love to Puge County Fucheng Primary School and Daheba Primary School, pay high tribute to the hard-working teachers and extend cordial greetings to the students! We sincerely hope that the students will continue to work hard to enhance their knowledge and self skills, change their destiny with knowledge, achieve the future target with struggle, and realize their lofty ideals!

We wish the teachers work well and the students succeed in their studies!

Tell the Children about the Magical Hydrogen

The deputy general manager of Ally Hi-Tech explained the sources, characteristics and functions of hydrogen to the children with interest and patience, so that the children learned a lot about hydrogen energy. In the lively class, the children listened attentively and actively raised their hands to answer questions. A paragraph of "A strong youth makes a strong country" has aroused the children's inner strength and courage. The future belongs to them.

Donation Ceremonies

Donation ceremony of Fucheng Primary School

Fucheng Primary School established the first wind music instrument band of Liangshan Prefecture in 2015, and has begun to take shape today. However, the formation and growth of this team is not easy. The school has overcome the difficulties step by step without funds, musical instruments or professional teachers. Now, this band has won the second prize of Sichuan Province for its outstanding performance in the fourth Yilin cup Wind Music Competition held in Sichuan Province in 2017. They perform live performances at the school flag raising ceremony and reception of guests.

In order to better promote the development of this band, today we donated new musical instruments to the school, hoping that the children can have more fun and hobbies.

Finally, the students played the beautiful school song of Fucheng Primary School and the Red Gall Slaying the Dragon for us. In the future, they will be the most dazzling performers on the stage. 

Donation Ceremony of Daheba Primary School

Kindness creates harmony, love inherits virtue. Ally Hi-Tech has customized tables, chairs, bookcases and students' learning tools for Daheba primary school, and donated them to teachers and students.

At the donation ceremony, School Master Chen said: "This is a great love and support for our school's education, and also a great encouragement and promotion for the school's development. More love from the society, more confidence for the children, and more hope for our future! I sincerely thank Ally Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. for its love! I hope every student of Daheba Primary School will not forget to be grateful, not forget the good deeds of entrepreneurs, devote themselves to learning, strive for self-improvement, and strive for excellent achievements to repay the society. Only with gratitude can we forge ahead. Donation conveys love, creates hope and gains virtue. We will turn this love into an inexhaustible driving force, keep moving forward, and create better education for students. "

Activity Significance

As a leading enterprise in China's hydrogen production industry for more than 20 years, Ally Hi-Tech has always adhered to and focused on new energy solutions, promoted technological innovation in the hydrogen production industry, promoted low carbon emissions, and committed to environmental protection and sustainable development.

We originated from society, returns to society with warmth and kindness. While development of the enterprise, it will make positive contributions to the harmonious development of society and the future of mankind and the earth.

Love is abstract

Donations are concrete

In this early summer

This is a gift full of love

Warm the hearts of children