Hydrogen Filling Station

Integrated Module of Hydrogen Production + Compression + Storage + Filling

The existing methanol supply system, natural gas pipeline network, CNG and LNG filling station and other facilities are used to build or expand the integrated hydrogen production and fueling station newly built or based on the existing station site. Through hydrogen production and hydrogenation in the station, the hydrogen transportation links are reduced and the cost of hydrogen production, storage and transportation is reduced. This technology can reduce the price of hydrogen at the selling outlet to the lowest, and the fuel cost of hydrogen fueled vehicle is equivalent to that of gasoline vehicle. But it's more environmentally friendly and in line with future energy trends.

Technology Characteristics

Technical Process

Technology Characteristics

  • High degree of automation, reducing the workload of operators;

  • Natural gas with different pressure levels is used for feed gas and fuel gas, which can effectively save energy and reduce consumption;

  • he operation flexibility of the hydrogen production unit is large, and there is no large capacity hydrogen storage tank, so the hydrogen production unit can run continuously;

  • Skid mounted hydrogen production and compression equipment occupy small floor area;

  • The hydrogen storage mode of high-pressure gas cylinder is adopted, with mature technology, safety and reliability;

  • High pressure hydrogen staged filling, high volume utilization of gas storage equipment;

  • The existing natural gas filling station can be used for the hydrogen fuel station site, which is easy to promote.

Technical Process

High purity hydrogen was prepared from natural gas by steam reforming (SMR) + Shift + pressure swing adsorption (PSA). The prepared hydrogen is pressurized to 20MPa by compressor and then enters 20MPa hydrogen storage bottle group. The hydrogen in the 20MPa hydrogen storage bottle group can be put trailer for transport, or it can be continuously pressurized to 45MPa or 90Mpa before entering the 45MPa or 90Mpa hydrogen storage bottle group. The hydrogen is sold to the fuel cell vehicle through the hydrogenation machine.

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