H₂ by Methanol

Hydrogen production from methanol reforming has the advantages of low investment, no pollution and moderate production cost. It is the best technology choice for medium and small-scale hydrogen production users who have no reliable source of hydrogen production raw materials and has strong market competitiveness. Since 2000, our company has developed and designed the technology of methanol reforming and hydrogen production, which has reached the internationally advanced level. At the same time, we have successively obtained three national patents, and compiled GB / T 34540 "Technical Requirements for Methanol Reforming and PSA Hydrogen Production System". Ally is a professional hydrogen production company with high market share, 60000nm3 / h single set scale, 3.3Mpa pressure and better catalyst R&D(the sixth generation) in the world.

Technology Characteristics

Technical Process

Main Performance Index

Technology Characteristics

  • Mature technology, safe and reliable operation.

  • The raw materials are easy to obtain, easy to transport and store, the price is stable.

  • It has the advantages of simple process, small land occupation, low investment and short payback period.

  • The device is highly automated, easy to operate and can be unattended (only for overseas projects).

  • Low energy consumption and low product cost.

  • PSA desorbed gas can be completely burned back without environmental pollution.

Technical Process

Methanol and desalted water are mixed, pressurized, vaporized and overheated into the reactor. Under the action of catalyst, H2, CO2, CO and other mixed gases are generated. Pure hydrogen or high-purity hydrogen is obtained by pressure swing adsorption (PSA) separation technology.

Main Performance Index

Plant size



99%~99.9995%   (v/v)



Product   pressure


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