Synthetic Ammonia

Small and medium-sized ammonia plants are constructed with natural gas, coke oven gas, acetylene tail gas or other hydrogen rich gas sources as raw materials. It has the characteristics of short process flow, low investment, low production cost and less three wastes discharge. It is a construction mode of synthetic ammonia production that can be vigorously promoted.

Technology Characteristics

Technical Process

Main Performance Index

Technology Characteristics

  • Small investment. The investment of using natural gas as raw material can be reduced by 50% compared with using solid material as raw material.

  • Energy saving and full recovery of system heat. The main power equipment can be driven by steam to realize the comprehensive utilization of heat energy.

  • Energy saving technologies, such as hydrogen recovery technology, pre-conversion technology, natural gas saturation technology and combustion air preheating technology, are adopted to reduce production costs.

Technical Process

Introduction of Process Flow:

Natural gas is used as raw material to produce certain synthetic gas (mainly composed of H2 and N2) through compression, desulfurization, purification, transformation, hydrogen purification and nitrogen addition. The syngas is further compressed and enters the ammonia synthesis tower to synthesize ammonia under the action of catalyst. After synthesis, the product ammonia is obtained by cooling.

Process Principle:

This process is a three-stage process. Firstly, natural gas is used to prepare syngas, then hydrogen is separated by pressure swing adsorption, and then ammonia is synthesized by adding nitrogen.

Main Performance Index

Plant Size

≤150MTPD   (50000MTPA)


99.0~99.90% (v/v) ,GB536-2017                      



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