CO₂ (Food Grade)

CO2 is the main by-product in the process of hydrogen production, which has high commercial value. The concentration of carbon dioxide in wet decarbonization gas can reach more than 99% (dry gas). Other impurity contents are: water, hydrogen, etc. after purification, it can reach food grade liquid CO2. It can be purified from hydrogen reforming gas from natural gas SMR, methanol cracking gas, lime kiln gas, flue gas, synthetic ammonia decarbonization tail gas and so on, which are rich in CO2. Food grade CO2 can be recovered from the tail gas.

Technology Characteristics

Technical Process

Main Performance Index

Applicable Fields


Technology Characteristics

  • Mature technology, safe and reliable operation and high yield.

  • The operation control is reliable and practical.

Technical Process

(From tail gas of hydrogen production from natural gas SMR as an example)

After the raw material is washed with water, the MDEA residue in the feed gas is removed, and then compressed, purified and dried to remove the organic matters such as alcohols in the gas and remove the peculiar smell at the same time. After distillation and purification, the micro amount of low boiling point gas dissolved in CO2 is further removed, and high-purity food grade CO2 is obtained and sent to storage tank or filling.

Main Performance Index

Plant size



98%~99.9% (v/v)




~ -15˚C

Applicable Fields

  • Purification of carbon dioxide from wet decarbonization gas.

  • Purification of carbon dioxide from water gas and semi water gas.

  • Purification of carbon dioxide from shift gas.

  • Purification of carbon dioxide from methanol reforming gas.

  • Purification of carbon dioxide from other sources rich in carbon dioxide.


Food Grade CO2 Standard:

It meets the national standards of GB 10621-2006 Liquid Carbon Dioxide for Food Additives, GB 1917-94 Liquid Carbon Dioxide for Food Additives (Fermentation Method) and the Food Grade Carbon Dioxide Standard of Coca Cola Company.

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