Coke Oven Gas

Coke oven gas contains tar, naphthalene, benzene, inorganic sulfur, organic sulfur and other impurities. In order to make full use of coke oven gas, purify coke oven gas, reduce impurity content in coke oven gas, fuel emission can meet the requirements of environmental protection, and can be used as chemical production. The technology is mature and widely used in power plant and coal chemical industry.

Technical features: advanced technology, large scale treatment and high purification.

Technology Characteristics

Technical Process

Main Performance Index

Technology Characteristics

Advanced technology, large scale treatment and high purification.

Technical Process

Purified gas is prepared from coke oven gas after tar removal, naphthalene removal, benzene removal, atmospheric pressure (pressure) desulfurization and fine desulfurization.

Main Performance Index

Plant size


Naphthalene content

≤ 1mg/Nm3

Tar content

≤ 1mg/Nm3

Sulfur content

≤ 0.1mg/Nm3

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