H₂ by PSA

Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology is widely used in the field of industrial gas separation because of its high purity, high flexibility, simple equipment and high degree of automation. Through years of pressure swing adsorption research and test, we developed a variety of hydrogen rich gas purification technology and PSA separation and purification technology of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen, oxygen and other PSA separation and purification technology, to provide customers with equipment upgrading and transformation services.

Technology Characteristics

Technical Process

Main Performance Index

Applicable Fields

Technology Characteristics

  • It occupies a small area and the equipment is arranged compactly.

  • Stable operation, on-line maintenance, continuous operation without shutdown throughout the year.

  • The automation level is high, which can realize the unmanned management of the device site.

  • Under the flow rate of 30% - 100%, the load can be adjusted freely, safely and stably.

  • The pneumatic flat program-controlled valve, the key component of PSA produced by our company, is small in volume, light in weight, fast in action, good in sealing performance, long in service life and high in reliability.

  • The adsorbent data comes from our company's proprietary adsorbent manual, and the data in the manual are from the evaluation results of our company's special testing instruments.

Technical Process

Multiple tower pressure swing adsorption technology is adopted. The working steps are divided into adsorption, depressurization, analysis and boosting. The adsorption tower is staggered in the working steps to form a closed-circuit cycle to ensure continuous input of raw materials and continuous output of products.

Main Performance Index

Plant size



99%~99.9995%   (v/v)



Applicable Fields

  • Hydrogen is purified from water gas, semi water gas and coal gasification purified gas.

  • Purification of hydrogen from shift gas.

  • Purification of hydrogen from methanol reforming gas and ammonia cracking gas.

  • Purification of hydrogen from styrene tail gas, refinery reformer gas, refinery dry gas, synthetic ammonia or methanol purge gas, coke oven gas.

  • Purification of hydrogen from chlor alkali tail gas.

  • Purification of hydrogen from other hydrogen rich sources.

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