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Our special program control valve for pressure swing adsorption。

Technology Characteristics

Main Performance Index



Technology Characteristics

J641– AL series valves are designed and manufactured according to the technical requirements of high performance pneumatic globe valves in PSA Hydrogen purification unit, including normal temperature type and high temperature type. The program controlled valves have the advantages of small volume, light weight, fast action, good sealing performance, long service life and high reliability.

Application: mainly used in various pressure or temperature swing adsorption gas separation devices, as well as various industrial fluid conveying occasions requiring frequent switching.

Main Performance Index

Technical specs (normal temperature type):

Nominal   pressure and diameter


Nominal   pressure and diameter


Applicable   temperature


Applicable   media

GasesNG,Air,O2N2H2CO2CO   LiquidWater, steam, oil

Maximum   working pressure difference

3.0MPa or   according to user’s requirement

Actuator drive pressure

Gas pressure:0.4~0.6MPa(G); Liquid pressure:3~8MPa(G)


Body: WCB or stainless steel

Stem: 2Cr13 or 40Cr or 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 45

Valve core: carbon steel - composite engineering material

Valve seat: 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 316


Flange standard:

GB / T 9113.1-2000 Plain and Raised Face Integral Steel Pipe Flanges

GB / T 9113.2-2000 Concave Convex Integral Steel Pipe Flange

It can be matched with flanges with concave faces made according to JB and HG standard and etc.

Others: parts materials and flange standards can be customized according to the special requirements of users.

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