What can we do?

Methanol reforming hydrogen production, natural gas reforming hydrogen production, pressure swing adsorption hydrogen extraction, coke oven gas hydrogen extraction, chlorine alkali tail gas hydrogen extraction, small hydrogen generator, integrated hydrogen filling/refueling station, methanol hydrogen production + backup power supply, etc.


Which production process of hydrogen from methanol or natural gas is cheaper?

In the hydrogen production cost, the raw material cost accounts for the majority proportion. Hydrogen cost comparison is mainly raw material price comparison. If the price of natural gas is 2.5 yuan/ Nm3, and the price of methanol is lower than 2000 yuan/ton, the hydrogen production from methanol has the advantage of production cost.


Ally hydrogen production performance

By the end of 2019, our company has provided more than 580 sets of equipment for users, including methanol reforming hydrogen production, natural gas reforming hydrogen production, pressure swing adsorption hydrogen extraction, coke oven gas purification hydrogen extraction, hydrogen production with hydrogen filling/refueling station, hydrogen generator for backup power supply, etc. And exported to Japan, South Korea, India, the Philippines, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Iran, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and exported more than 40 sets of equipment.


In which industries are Ally products applied?

The products are mainly used in new energy, fuel cell, environmental protection, automobile, aerospace, polysilicon, fine chemical, industrial gas, steel, food, electronics, glass, pharmaceutical intermediates and other industries.


How is the equipment supply cycle?

5-8 months to complete the design, procurement, construction, acceptance.


What is the technical advantages of Ally?

1) Leading the settings of technical specifications and standards for methanol hydrogen production;

2) We have successfully developed the world's smallest methanol hydrogen generator and applied to backup power supply;

3) Research and development of the first domestic methanol catalytic combustion autothermal reforming unit;

4) Development and application of the world's largest monomer methanol cracking reformer;

5) Self produced key components of PSA pneumatic flat program-controlled valve body.


Service Phone Numbers

Pre-sales service: 028 – 62590080 - 8603 / 8601 / 8621 19130853527

Engineering services: 028 – 62590080 - 8301

After-sales service: 028 – 62590095


How to choose hydrogen production mode for hydrogen filling/fueling station?

1) According to local conditions and local resource characteristics, the most suitable hydrogen production mode is selected. In industrial by-product hydrogen rich areas, stable, cheap is easy to obtain. So industrial by-product hydrogen is preferred to be used for hydrogen filling/fueling stations. Hydrogen production from electrolytic water can be used in places where the power resources of less than 0.25 yuan/kW·h can be obtained. Hydrogen production from natural gas can be used in areas with rich natural gas and supply. Methanol can be used to produce hydrogen on site at small investment scale.

2) The cost and risk caused by hydrogen storage and transportation can be avoided to the greatest extent by exploring the joint construction of hydrogen production and hydrogen filling/fueling stations and combined stations for hydrogen production and hydrogen supply. The overall cost of hydrogen utilization is better than that of only hydrogen supply.

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